Use your existing web skills, platforms, and tools to create interactive IM Bots

The IMified platform makes it amazingly easy to connect your existing applications to instant messaging networks or create stand alone IM bots for fun or getting work done.


The Free IMified developer platform includes:

  • Ability to connect your IM application to public networks. (GTalk™, AIM™, MSN™, Yahoo™)
  • Up to three custom Gtalk/Jabber screen names on our domain.
  • Interactive real-time debugger for testing your bots
  • Live real-time usage statistics on your applications
  • Simple REST API for sending IM messages/alerts and polling for IM status (presence)
  • Free developer support

What types of applications (bots) can I build

We'll leave that up to you but the possible uses for integrating IM into your applications are endless. Here are some possible uses:

  • Send real-time alerts to your applications' users on their preferred IM network
  • Monitor your users IM presence and send timely information right to their desktop or mobile
  • Offer a simple way for users to quickly submit information to your application
  • Create an interactive virtual assistant that answers and routes questions
  • Create a personal bot that retreives your RSS feeds and sends real-time notifications of updates

I'm sold. Sign me up!

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