IM Application Hosting

The scalable platform for creating and hosting interactive instant messaging agents (Bots)


Customer Spotlight

Popular blogging service, tumblr, needed a fast and easy way to integrate an instant messaging component to their fast-growing service and chose IMified to power their tumblrbot on AIM.

IM Application Examples

IMified's customers and developers use our platform to deliver a wide variety of applications over instant messaging

  • Information retrieval
  • Emergency notifications
  • Order status
  • Package tracking
  • Virtual agents
  • Auto attendants
  • Instant CRM
  • Surveys
  • Data entry
  • Ineractive games
  • Identity verification

Building, managing, and scaling an interactive IM application or "bot" has traditionally been a complex and frustrating task. IMified's API-based solution for creating and hosting instant messaging applications removes the complexity and provides a simple solution for building and deploying IM applications on multiple public IM networks using one API.

Hosting features

Write once, run anywhere
An application running on the the IMified platform is simply a dynamic web page written in any language that responds to incoming requests. You write your application and publish it to one location. We'll point your screen names on AIM™, Yahoo™, Jabber, and MSN™ to your bot.

Real-time presence
Get access to real-time presence data from the user's of your applications. IMified's simple API lets you query your users for presence and IM status information that's constantly updated in real-time. For customers looking for tighter presence integration, we can "push" presence data to you.

Message pushing/alerting
Easily send instant messages to your users via IMified's API. Coupled with real-time presence data, you can send your users messages based on their IM status.

Complete Flexibility
The IMified platform offers complete flexibility in created any type of IM application you'd like. Create a menu driven application complete with session handling capability or a command based application that listens for and responds to commands. It's up to you.

Build and test for free. Pay only when you're ready

We've made it really simple to get started. From our developers portal you can quickly and easily build and test your applications for free. We give you your very own screen name,, as well as the ability to "attach" screen names on AIM, MSN, and Yahoo to your applications.

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